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Articles on PCA

  • Dementia the 'Jokester' (PDF) - The Alzheimer's Society talk to Terry Pratchett and Graham Doggett about living with PCA.
  • Living with Dementia (PDF) - Terry Pratchett tells the ACNR (Advances in Clinical Neurosciene & Rehabilitation) journal about his personal experience of PCA.
  • Dementia and sight loss - An article about the Alzheimer’s Society’s work on the issues involved in vision and dementia (Living with dementia magazine August 2010 pages 16-17).
  • Be kind to yourself - An Alzheimer’s Society article about caring for someone with Posterior Cortical Atrophy (Living with dementia magazine December 2010 pages 12-13).
  • Facing up to PCA - An Alzheimer's Society article about receiving a diagnosis of PCA (Living with dementia magazine December 2012 pages 8-9).
  • "A Lot Of People Don't Believe I Have Alzheimer's" (PDF) - Liz Cunningham talks to Woman's Weekly about her experiences with early-onset Alzheimer's disease (Woman's Weekly magazine, November 2014 pages 10-11). Liz was also interviewed by the BBC. 
  • RNIB is becoming dementia informed - Stewart who has PCA, and his partner Grace are helping to train staff at the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) in the area of sight loss and dementia.

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Radio Programmes

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Videos about PCA

Terry Pratchett talks to other people with PCA

A couple affected by PCA discuss their experiences

A man with PCA talks about his diagnosis and living with PCA