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Resources & Information

The following sections provide information for patients, carers, and the general public about dementia and finding support. 


What is dementia?

Prof Nick Fox, director of the UCL Dementia Research Centre, has filmed several videos for University College London Hospitals (UCL) that provide general information about dementia. Those videos can be accessed using the following links:

Dementia Explained (Alzheimer's Research UK) - Advice on explaining dementia to young kids, juniors and teens, including learning exercise for each age group

Where can I learn more about types of dementia?
  • The Many Faces of Dementia is a free online course developed by Dr Tim Shakespeare. The course provides a unique insight into dementia through the stories, symptoms and science behind four less common diagnoses of dementia. 
  • The Rare Dementia Support (RDS) group has an informative website full of educational resources. The learning and training resources that have been informed by, and created with, people affected by rare dementias as well as clinicians and researchers. 

Other informative websites include:

Where can I find support?
  • The Rare Dementia Support (RDS) group offers specialist social, emotional and practical support services for individuals living with, or affected by, a rare dementia diagnosis.
  • Dementia UK is a charity that provides support from specialist nurses, known as Admiral Nurses, for families affected by dementia. This includes free advice, support and understanding to help families care for their loved one. 
How can I help?
  • The Dementia Friends initiative (Alzheimer's Society and Public Health England) aims to change the way we understand, talk and act about dementia. Find out how to become a Dementia Friend or volunteer as a Dementia Champion.
  • Tips for the media on how to report on dementia - People living with dementia discuss how the media can better phrase its coverage of the illness.
  • Donate to the National Brain Appeal, which is the charity that holds the Dementia Research Fund. Your donations will fund vital elements of our work such as brain scans, PhD studentships, statistics support and technologies for patient assessment, and allow our research staff the time to deliver today’s research projects and tomorrow’s innovative solutions.
  • Consider taking part in clinical trials. If you are interested in participating in our clinical trials or other research at the Dementia Research Centre, please email our recruitment team at drctrialenquiries@ucl.ac.uk, or call us on 020 3448 3105 during office hours to speak to a member of our team.