UCL Doctoral School


Rights and Responsibilities

At UCL, several key institutional bodies oversee Doctoral Education quality. These bodies operate under the guidance of UCL's Pro-Vice-Provost of the Doctoral School.

Rights and Responsibilities

The Code of Practice explains what research students can expect from their supervisory team and from UCL.

The Academic Manual is your comprehensive guide to the rules and regulations that shape your journey at UCL.

The Concordat sets out the conditions required to create the very best culture for our researchers to thrive.

Research Principles

Research Integrity is a broad term that covers ethics, how data is handled, standards of conduct, and more.

Discover how UCL's intellectual property (IP) policy applies to doctoral researchers.

Make your research accessible, reproducible and transparent to the widest possible audience.

Leave Entitlement

Discover how to effectively manage your annual leave in accordance with UCL's guidelines.

Learn about our Parental and Sick Leave resources, offering guidance on managing family needs and health challenges.

Life can bring unexpected changes. Explore our Interruption of Studies resources for support and guidance.

Strategy and Governance

Explore UCL's Doctoral Education strategy which shapes our research degrees approach. 

Learn about the key governance structures that directly impact you as a research student.