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Feedback and Complaints

This section guides you through the process of sharing feedback about your experience as a research student and understanding the procedures for addressing complaints.


Research Student Representatives

UCL gathers feedback from students through a system of student academic representatives, working in collaboration with our Students' Union.

Each department appoints Research Student Representatives to represent each distinct community of research students. These representatives can raise concerns and provide feedback through local Staff-Student Consultative Committees.

Student representatives also sit on Faculty committees, UCL's Research Degrees Committee. and the Academic Board, ensuring your representation at all levels of the university.

For more information on Academic Student Representatives, including contact information for Research Student Representatives in your area and information on their roles and involvement opportunities, visit the Students' Union website.

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) is a national survey conducted by institutions across the UK and globally. UCL participates in PRES every other year.

The survey provides our research student community with an opportunity to share feedback on their experience. The results serve several purposes:

  1. Compare our performance with other institutions
  2. Evaluate student satisfaction across different Departments and Faculties at UCL to identify areas for improvement
  3. Make changes that will improve what we do in future and to keep doing the things that you value
  4. Enhance the experience of students like you in the future

We take PRES feedback very seriously and expect Departments and Faculties to address any identified issues.

As a thank you for our students time, we plant a tree for every 10 students who participated in the survey via the World Land Trust' Plant a Tree Programme. View the official certificate from PRES 2023. Each department also receive an individual e-certificate of the total number of trees planted by their students.

UCL PRES Results 2023

The PRES dashboard which includes a more detailed breakdown including by question, by department or faculty, and by demographic is open to everyone with Tableau access, but tends to be restricted to staff. To request access, please use the ISD self-service portal.

The UCL level results can be viewed publically for every year that we have participated:


If you encounter an issue that has not been resolved with your supervisory team and/or PGR administrator, we recommend taking these steps:

  1. Speak to Your Departmental Graduate Tutor: Your first step should be to have an informal discussion with your Departmental Graduate Tutor. They may be able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction without the need for a formal complaint. If you are unable and/or feel uncomfortable talking to your Departmental Graduate Tutor about the issue, you can contact your Faculty Graduate Tutor instead.
  2. Formal Student Complaints Procedure: If you cannot resolve your issue informally, UCL has a formal students complaints procedure in place. One these pages, you will find the necessary complaint form, details about the overall procedure, rules governing complaints at UCL, and information about the team responsible for handling complaints.

If you do wish to make a complaint, we also recommend reading the relevant sections in the UCL Academic Manual.