Information Studies


Legal and Social Aspects of Electronic Publishing


The following is the schedule for the last academic year and will be subject to change as the sessions are reliant on external guest speakers. It is added here to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Social Impact of Electronic Publishing
  • Session 2: Models of scholarly crowdsourcing: the case of volunteered geographic information
  • Session 3: Online communities in the information society: real or virtual?
  • Session 4: Web usability for people with learning disabilities 
  • Session 5: Open Source and Open Access  

Reading Week

  • Session 6: Social Media: are you talking to me? Is it really you?
  • Session 7: Libraries in the digital age
  • Session 8: Health Informatics 
  • Session 9:  Freedom of Information and Data Protection
  • Session 10: Copyright
  • Exam revision

Background Reading

General Readings for this module are extremely wide. Many of the books are appropriate for more than one session. Weekly reading for seminars are listed separately and are added each week.

Students are encouraged to read as widely as possible, both in print and on the internet. No one text can or should be treated as a ‘textbook’ for this module.