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Ebooks 2015

E textbooks, elearning, econtent

University College London, 7th May 2015, 10.00 to 17.00

Anatomy G29 JZ Young LT and the Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT

This year Ebooks 2015 will deal with the emerging genre of e-textbooks and ways in which electronic content is being used to support teaching, learning and scholarship. We have brought together experts in learning systems, librarians and academic publishers to assess where we are with these initiatives and what opportunities exist for the future. Importantly the development of e-publishing technologies and standards is making that much easier to become a publisher or set up a publishing function.Thus we have several presentations which will look at the re-emergence of university publishers and the role and opportunities for libraries. This will include the JISC funded project on textbook publishing as well ideas about published outputs from institutional and e-learning repositories. We will also look at collaborations between publishers and libraries and finally consider how content might work in particular e learning environments such as VLEs.

The keynote will come from Jeff Hayward, the Vice Principle of Edinburgh University with responsibility for learning technology and a recognised international expert on the topic. Jeff will consider how content can be used or adapted in different scenarios and his view a s to the future. There will also be a number of speakers addressing the theme of universities or libraries themselves creating e-textbooks including the JISC funded projects of last year which are now reaching fruition, and a presentation from Sarah Lippincott who is the Program Manager, Library Publishing Coalition in the States and has been tracking these new developments in the USA. From the publishing sector will be a speaker from Proquest who have pioneered collaborative ventures with libraries across the global and also worked with universities to ensure the delivery of content through local systems.

The conference will, as usual be at the very economic rate 115 for the day. A full programme will be availed in due course; for registration please contact infostudies-admin at malvia.plante@ucl.ac.uk

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