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UCLDH logo

The UCLDH logo comes in two variants, neither  of which is considered more important than the others: wide and tall. Either variant may either be rendered in two colours picked from the UCL palette, or it may have every element in the 'DH' mark separately coloured. The two main remixes are called Palette, after the UCL palette, and Macbeth, after the Macbeth Color Checker.

Logo files

The UCLDH logo is available for use on your website (terms and conditions)


Wide, Macbeth version
234x60 px


Wide, Palette version
234x60 px


Tall, UCL Navy Blue
180x150 px


Tall, Palette version
180x150 px


Vector files may be made available for your printing project; please get in touch.

Recommended usage

Please serve your chosen UCLDH logo file from your own website. Do not change the file format from .PNG to another format such as .JPG and do not merge the file or mash it up with any other graphics. We also request the favour that you hyperlink the logo to UCLDH's main page. Thank you!

Legal notice

The UCLDH logotype in all its versions as shown above is a trademark held by the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. You are authorised to use this logotype on the terms and conditions below, and only on the condition that you download the logotype directly from our website.

UCLDH licences the use of its logotype on the condition that the trademark licensee use the logotype to link to the UCLDH homepage, and only to the UCLDH homepage. UCLDH retains full and sole discretion to revoke this trademark licence for any reason whatsoever or for no specified reason.

Logo implementations and adaptations

The UCLDH logo has been used and modified in a number of ways, including these: