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Seb Crutch 234x213

29th September 2016

Early onset dementia

Dementia is often seen as a disease of old people - but sadly, that's not the case. Dr Sebastian Crutch specialises in early-onset dementia, which can affect people as young as 40. Having dementia at a younger age, he says, brings its own problems.

Selina Wray Square

29th September 2016

Dementia in a dish

Dr Selina Wray works in the UCL Dementia Research Centre, turning skin cells into brain cells, effectively growing 'dementia in a dish' in an effort to find effective treatment for dementia.

26 April 2016

Dementia is a really big deal

While the search for a cure goes on, helping the 850,000 people in the UK who have dementia and their carers manage the condition is vital. That's that Professor Gill Livingston and her team at UCL's Division of Psychiatry aim to do every day.


26 April 2016

Roz's Story: Getting the right help

Roz was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia (PPA), a rare form of dementia which affects the language centre in the left side of the brain. Her husband Jeremy cares for her at home.  

10 March 2016


Building an institute for the future

Here's a scary statistic. For every £10 that dementia currently costs society - from the NHS to residential care - just 6p goes on research into what causes the disease, and what might cure it.  

29 Feb 2016

Andy's story: Dealing with Dementia

Maggie Williams's husband Andy was diagnosed with posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) in 2011. The PCA Support Group run by UCL's Dementia Research Centre has helped them both adjust to the implications of this life-changing diagnosis.

31 Jan 2016

Scanning the brain to find answers

Science never stands still. There's a constant stream of new discoveries and new questions - and dementia research is no exception. Dr Tim Shakespeare is an Alzheimer's Research UK Research Fellow at UCL.