UCL Day Nursery


UCL Day Nursery Nappy Changing Policy

Nappy changing is a personal time, and the dignity of the child will be respected at all times by UCL Day Nursery staff.

We ask parents to supply nappies and wipes and hold a stock of spare nappies for use with the children to avoid allergic reactions. If a child’s own supply runs out they will be cleaned with cotton wool and water.

All children who wear nappies or are toilet training will have a labelled individual basket containing their nappies/knickers/pants/wipes etc. 

Each child should have at least one full change of clothes available. The nursery will hold a supply of spare clothes for other needs.

Children must be changed on a change unit or on a changing mat on the floor if necessary.

Children must never be left unattended during the nappy change. Staff will ensure that wherever possible, they are in view of a colleague. 

Staff should talk to the child in a comforting, positive, and friendly way, and will maintain good eye contact with the child throughout the changing process. 

Staff must record the nappy change on a nappy change sheet, and should also record any observations of rashes or marks. Parents or carers should be informed of anything recorded.

Note to parents

Changing is carried out according to the nursery’s procedure in a nappy changing area where both privacy for the child and supervision of the staff member can be assured.

Parents' or carers' preferences for nappy changing products and procedures will be discussed during the child’s settling period, and staff will ensure these preferences are respected.

Last updated: Thursday, June 28, 2018