UCL Day Nursery


Settling In

At the UCL Day Nursery, we put a very strong emphasis on settling-in and ask that all parents and carers allow two weeks for their children to settle in.

The transition between home and nursery normally requires a period of adjustment for both children and parents. We expect that on accepting a place, parents arrange to spend time in the Nursery with their child before starting at the UCL Day Nursery, and as necessary in the first days and weeks after the start date. This time helps the child to adjust gradually to the new environment, the staff and to other children.

We want each child to feel confident about being at the Nursery and being looked after by her or his key worker. We also want parents and carers to be confident about what we offer at the nursery. Your child’s key worker will be responsible for the settling in period so if you are finding it difficult, please speak to them, or to the Nursery manager. 

'All about me' information

Parents of babies and children starting at the UCL Day Nursery are asked to complete the document called 'all about me' to provide their child’s key worker with information about their child’s normal day, including sleep times, feed times, and any additional information they think staff may find useful.

This is an Ofsted requirement and you will be given the document either when you have a formal offer, or at a meeting with your child’s key worker prior to your child’s start date.

How long should the process take?

When a child attends the UCL Day Nursery for the first time, the parent is asked to allow for at least 1-2 weeks to allow the settling-in process to take place. No fees are charged during this period. Part-time children will be settled in on a full-time basis if at all possible.

During the child’s first two weeks at the Nursery we recommend to parents that they leave their child for less than a full day, until the transition from home to Nursery has been successful. How quickly this can be achieved will be agreed between the parents or carers and the key worker. The child will gradually spend longer at Nursery until the agreed hours are reached.

In the event that a child becomes distressed, staff will contact the parent or carer concerned to come to the Nursery to reassure their child. 

On your child's first day

  • Bring at least one spare set of clothes for their child, which can be left in the bag provided on their child’s coat peg.
  • Bring disposable nappies or spare pants for your child. 
  • Parents may also wish to provide disposable wipes as Nursery staff only use cotton wool and water for hygiene reasons.
  • For babies being bottle fed, please let us know what bottles you use at home and ensure that you provide us with a fresh sealed tin of formula 
  • For babies being breast fed, you are welcomed into the nursery to feed your child at any time and may also leave expressed milk. This must be marked with childs name and also be dated We will then store this in the fridge or freezer. 
  • For babies being weaned or children not having Nursery meals, food must be provided in a clearly labelled microwaveable container or lunch-box.
  • If a child has a particular blanket, teddy or comforter parents may find it useful to bring this along.