UCL Day Nursery


Ofsted Reports

In its last Ofsted inspection, the UCL Day Nursery was rated 'outstanding'. The report noted that "the provider and staff are committed to maintaining excellence".

The Nursery is rated outstanding

UCL Day Nursery was labelled 'outstanding' in all four sections of Ofsted's report, which include quality of teaching and outcomes for children. The Nursery has received an upgrade from its previous grading of 'good' which it received in February 2012.

The education regulator’s report noted:

“Staff at the nursery were described as very well qualified and have an exemplary knowledge of how children learn; as a result they provide an exceptional range of fun and stimulating activities and an inspirational environment for babies and toddlers. 

“Teaching is excellent throughout the Nursery. The environment is carefully planned, based on the staff’s expert understanding of children’s interests. The staff promote successful partnerships with parents and have a detailed understanding of children’s learning; this enables them to precisely plan next steps for each child... They are making excellent and rapid progress from their starting points and develop key skill for future learning”.

UCL Day Nursery - under 2s 

View Ofsted report EY433791

UCL Day Nursery - over 2s

View Ofsted report EY345528