Centre for Data Science



Research in data science at UCL focusses on the extraction of useful knowledge from large and/or complex datasets. With increasing volumes of data being generated and processed by scientists, governments and the public, methods for acquisition, computation, analysis, storage and retrieval must evolve to keep pace.


The UCL data science research community includes the people listed below. Their research encompasses a diverse range of techniques and theories designed to meet these challenges. Key research topics include the construction of mathematical models, the understanding of large data volumes, algorithms for the identification of patterns in heterogeneous datasets and the development of meaningful, scalable visualisation tools.

If you are a UCL researcher and wish to add your name to this list, you can do so by logging in to the UCL IRIS website.

Miss Samantha AhernLearning Technology Project Office65216s.ahern
Dr Robert AldridgeWellcome Clinical Research Career Development
Fellow and Consultant in Public Health
Dr Gioia AltobelliSenior Research Associate g.altobelli
Dr Jake AndersSenior Research Associate05149jake.anders
Prof Yiannis AndreopoulosProfessor of Data and Signal Processing Systems37303i.andreopoulos
Prof Folkert AsselbergsProfessorial Research Associate f.asselbergs
Prof Jurg BahlerChair in Molecular Systems Biology51602j.bahler
Dr Amitava BanerjeeClinical Senior Lecturer Honorary Consultant in Cardiology ami.banerjee
Dr Rebecca BendayanHonorary Research Associate05716r.bendayan
Prof Steven BishopProfessor of Nonlinear Dynamics33082s.bishop
Dr Jan BoehmAssociate Professor51036j.boehm
Ms Rachel BurnsResearch Assistant57556r.burns
Prof Benny Chain  b.chain
Prof Richard ChandlerProfessor of Statistics41880r.chandler
Prof Tao ChengProfessor of Geoinformatics  
Dr James CheshireSenior Lecturer30513james.cheshire
Dr Louise ChisholmResearch Platforms Co-ordinator54128l.chisholm
Dr Evangelia ChrysikouLecturer58163e.chrysikou
Dr Sonya CroweAssociate Professor24953sonya.crowe
Prof George DanezisProfessor of Security and Privacy Engineering30341g.danezis
Dr Toby DaviesLecturer53111toby.davies
Dr Eric De SilvaSenior Research Associate54221eric.desilva
Dr Lee De-WitSenior Teaching Fellow l.de-wit
Professor Richard DobsonProfessor r.dobson
Dr Adam DubisHonorary Lecturer a.dubis
Dr Claire EllulReader in Geographical Information Science34118c.ellul
Dr Arman EshaghiResearch Associate57420a.eshaghi
Dr Milena FalcaroSenior Research Associate m.falcaro
Dr Shlomit Flint AsherySenior Research Associate shlomit.flint
Miss Elena FrangouResearch Fellow (Medical Statistician, Clinical Trials)64638e.frangou
Dr Tiziano Gallo CassarinoResearch Associate t.cassarino
Dr Guido GermanoSenior Lecturer57105g.germano
Mr Octavian GheorghiuTeaching Fellow o.gheorghiu
Prof Ruth GilbertProfessor of Clinical Epidemiology42101r.gilbert
Mr Joe GladstoneLecturer j.gladstone
Mr Steven GrayPrincipal Teaching Fellow53886steven.gray
Dr Luca GriecoResearch Associate24502l.grieco
Dr Olivia GuestResearch Associate o.guest
Prof Serge GuillasProfessor of Statistics41867s.guillas
Mr Pouria HadjibagheriTeaching Fellow p.bagheri
Prof Muki HaklayProfessor of Geographical Information Science32745m.haklay
Dr Rifat Hamoudi  r.hamoudi
Dr James HaworthLecturer j.haworth
Dr Joseph HayesClinical Research Fellow Consultant joseph.hayes
Dr Stephen HendersonSenior Research Fellow020 7679 7601s.henderson
Dr Christian HennigSenior Lecturer41698c.hennig
Dr Gavin HeskethAssociate Professor gavin.hesketh
Dr Sung-Min HongHong Lecturer s.hong
Dr Benjamin JoachimiReader65835b.joachimi
Prof Ofer LahavPerren Chair Of Astronomy65813o.lahav
Dr Vasileios LamposPrincipal Research Fellow65392v.lampos
Prof Paul LongleyProfessor of Geographic Information30581p.longley
Dr Alan LoweSenior Lecturer a.lowe
Prof Kai LuoChair of Energy Systems33916k.luo
Prof Philip LuthertDirector of the Institute of Ophthalmology020 7608 6808p.luthert
Dr Logan ManikamClinical Training Fellow
NIHR Clinical Lecturer
Dr Ed ManleyAssociate Professor53884ed.manley
Dr Ioanna ManolopoulouAssociate Professor45944i.manolopoulou
Dr Peter MartinLecturer in Applied Statistics peter.martin
Prof Karl MatterProfessor of Cell Biology020 7608 4014k.matter
Dr Manolis MavrikisReader04634m.mavrikis
Dr Stanimira MilchevaSenior Lecturer45946s.milcheva
Dr Bethan MorganResearch Fellow bethan.morgan
Mr Paul MullinsResearch Assistant in Urban Design & Public Health53881paul.mullins.15
Dr Mirco MusolesiReader in Data Science m.musolesi
Dr Hao NiAssociate Professor h.ni
Dr Alison O'Mara-EvesSenior Research Officer06393a.o'mara-eves
Prof Sofia OlhedeProfessor of Statistics48321s.olhede
Dr Constantinos ParisinosWellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellow c.parisinos
Prof Gareth PetersHonorary Professor gareth.peters
Prof Konstantinos PetridesProfessor of Psychology and Psychometrics28540k.petrides
Dr Michael PlouffeLecturer59273michael.plouffe
Dr Nikolas PontikosResearch Associate n.pontikos
Dr Kaska Porayska-PomstaReader04632k.porayska-pomsta
Dr Natasa PrzuljProfessor of Biomedical Data Science n.przulj
Dr Emma RichardsonAssociate Professor54017e.richardson
Dr Carol RivasSenior Lecturer in Social Policy and Programme Evaluation06923c.rivas
Mr Patrick RockenschaubResearch Assistant patrick.rockenschaub.15
Dr Jane RondinaResearch Associate j.rondina
Dr Kerstin SailerReader in Social and Spatial Networks59031k.sailer
Dr Philipp SchifferSenior Research Associate p.schiffer
Prof Anette-Eleonore SchragProfessor of Clinical Neurosciences36773a.schrag
Dr Mohammad ShamsudduhaResearch Associate m.shamsudduha
Prof Afzal SiddiquiProfessor of Energy Economics41871afzal.siddiqui
Dr Ricardo SilvaSenior Lecturer41879ricardo.silva
Miss Antonia SimonResearch Officer06250a.simon
Dr Maria SironiAssociate Professor05503m.sironi
Dr Duncan SmithLecturer in GIS Visualisation53176duncan.a.smith
Mr Vasilis StavrinidesClinical Research Associate  
Dr Jack StilgoeSenior Lecturer51344j.stilgoe
Dr Fredrik SvenssonSenior Research Associate - Computational Medicinal Chemistry f.svensson
Dr Phil SymondsResearch Associate p.symonds
Prof Jonathan TennysonProfessor of Physics37809j.tennyson
Mr Ulrich TiedauSenior Lecturer37756u.tiedau
Prof David TuckettProfessorial Research Associate45961d.tuckett
Dr Jemima UnwinLecturer57406jemima.unwin
Dr Tasos VaroudisSenior Research Associate09052t.varoudis
Dr Anthony Velazquez AbadResearch Associate57387a.velazquez
Prof Angie WadeProfessor of Medical Statistics42332a.wade
Dr Ingo WaldmannLecturer in Extrasolar Planets ingo.waldmann.09
Dr David Robert WardropeResearch Associate d.wardrope
Professor Jeremy Daniel McKendrick WatsonProfessor of Engineering Systems59413jeremy.watson
Dr Ben WaughDepartment Computing Manager & IT Coordinator37223b.waugh
Prof Patrick WolfeProfessor of Statistics p.wolfe
Dr Miranda WolpertProfessor of Evidence Based Practice and Research45928miranda.wolpert
Dr Jinghao XueSenior Lecturer41863jinghao.xue
Prof Masaru YarimeHonorary Reader m.yarime
Dr Shi ZhouSenior Lecturer57088s.zhou