Data Protection


Data protection online training

This page provides UCL staff and students with details on how to access the Data Protection and Freedom of Information training.

Before you begin: Please be aware that the training includes videos and you may wish to use headphones, however, closed captioning is included on all videos. 

Please note: If you wish to leave the course and resume at a later stage, you must click on the grey X in the top right-hand corner of the training module to ensure your progress is saved before you close the broswer. 

Mac Users please note: There have been a small number of reports of the sound of the course videos and/or the course not loading in Safari. We are exploring this issue and hope to have a resolution soon but if you experience difficulties please contact the Data Protection Team to log this, and then please attempt the training in another browser (Chrome, IE or Firefox). If you do not have access to these, please access the training via desktop@ucl

For all UCL staff, students and other representatives 

Please click on the this link to access the training - UCL data protection and FOI training

Please follow these instructions to enrol on the course:
1. Click on the link above to access the training
2. Login with your UCL credentials (User ID: ccxxxx and Password)
3. Click 'enrol'
4. Click 'Yes'
5. Click 'Start' to begin

Data Protection and Freedom of Information online training - accessible versions

We have developed a readable PDF workbook and an audio version of the training. There are three options available to you, for how to complete the course: 

  1. You can review the readable PDF workbooks. Once completed you will need to contact the Data Protection Team. The workbook has been tested and is compatible with the native reader in Microsoft Edge, Adobe Reader, Apple OS Mojave native reader and JAWS. The workbook has been constructed in two parts 

    Part A: the training course and

    Part B: supporting appendices

    The appendices are where the training in Part A refers to UCL guidance notes on our website. These are to provide supplemental information to the training course. We recommend that where possible these are read alongside the training course.
  2. You can listen to the audio version by clicking on this link. Once completed you will need to contact the Data Protection Team.
  3. If neither of these options are suitable, you can request a one to one training session by contacting the Data Protection Team who will provide a one and a half hour session covering the training material and the assessment. Once completed your assessment will be marked as complete.

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the following privacy notice:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I am unable to log in to UCL single sign-on (using my UCL username and password)

Please ensure that you have read the instructions on the UCL single sign-on page. If you are still unable to log in you may need to reset your password. 

I do not know my UCL user ID

If you do not know your UCL userID you need to contact your computer rep and discuss this with them. A list of computer reps by the department. (Your UCL user ID is also your UCL username and password)

I have forgotten my UCL password

You will need to reset your password.

I am unable to find the course

Please ensure that you have read the instructions. If you are still unable to access the training course please contact the Data Protection team.

I started the course, but want to continue on another device, can I do so?

Yes. If you leave the course part way through you can resume it on another device/platform. You will need to login the same way that you did the first time, and you will receive a notification asking if you would like to resume the course; select yes, and you will re-start where you left off.

I am having difficulty understanding the questions in the course

Please contact the Data Protection team to discuss further.

Can I partially complete and return to the course on another day?

Yes. You can leave the course part way and resume it at another time to suit you. You will need to login the same way that you did the first time, and you will receive a notification asking if you would like to resume the course; select yes, and you will start where you left off.

Will my completion of the course be recorded and reported?

Yes, please refer to the privacy notice at the top of this page for further details.

Why do we need to complete information compliance training?

UCL and its staff have an obligation to treat personal data with the care and respect that it deserves. This training has been developed to enable staff to meet the higher standards of compliance imposed by the new data protection legislation. In an age when the penalties for breaches of data protection legislation can run into millions of pounds and key business partners can refuse to work with us if we do not take information compliance seriously, this obligation has become increasingly important since General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. So for both business and compliance reasons UCL needs to be able to demonstrate that all staff have been trained in data protection.

Is the training mandatory?

Yes. The Provost has confirmed this in his message to all staff in The Week@UCL on 22 August 2018.

Who should complete the training?

All part-time and full-time staff, as well as honorary staff and PhD students.

I have completed information compliance training at another organisation - do I still have to take the training?

Yes, the training is a mandatory requirement for staff and students that fall within scope.