UCL Cultural Consultation Service


What is the service?

What is the service?

Group of students - what is the service ?

The UCL CCS (Cultural Consultation Service)

aims to enhance learning and teaching outcomes

for students and staff facing cross-cultural and

social conflicts.

University College London (UCL), the first UK university to open its doors to applicants regardless of race, class, political belief or religion, prides itself on being a global university

Every year, UCL welcomes large numbers of students who have come to study in London from different cultures and countries around the world, including different regions of Britain. This is an exciting time: of anticipation, transition and re-location. However, we know that many students discover that studying in an academic environment different to the one they are used to is not straightforward.

Staff at UCL are also from a diverse range of cultures. Cultural dimensions of engaging with students and delivery of teaching frequently arise.

Any student - or member of staff - experiencing a challenge to their learning and/or teaching, which they think is a primarily a cultural conflict that they would like to discuss, can come and talk to us.

In providing this service we also draw on the rich experience and cultural expertise of staff and students throughout UCL. This provides us with an opportunity to develop our own learning, and to continually improve the service.

In brief, our theoretical and applied paradigm revolves around two propositions: cultures shape mentalities and psyches shape cultural patterns. Both impact on learning and teaching. We shall approach these propositions in both directions as neither can be reduced to the other. We acknowledge that the creative tensions generated will guide and shape our interventions.

University College London: Cultural Consultation Service - article from Equal Opportunities Review