UCL Cultural Consultation Service


Specialist services

Specialist services


The UCL CCS (Cultural Consultation Service)

aims to enhance learning and teaching outcomes

for students and staff facing cross-cultural and

social conflicts.

University College London (UCL), the first UK university to open its doors to applicants regardless of race, class, political belief or religion, prides itself on being a global university

Specialist services

Our specialist services are bespoke packages designed to address individual specific requirements. This service can provide consultations to health professionals and the business sector.

Health Sector

This service, provided by an expert team of clinicians and medical anthropologists, can provide cultural formulations for patients and health professionals from overseas.

In the UK, a large number of health professionals and patients are from abroad. Consequently, many face difficulties in accessing help, engaging with clinical consultations, understanding their problems and resolving their difficulties. Cultural factors apply for both health professionals and patients. The CCS provides consultations to any patient or health professional who wishes to address cultural barriers and strengths that impact upon professional health consultations, both within the NHS and private health sector. Similarly many overseas health staff find it challenging to understand and develop knowledge and skills required to work in the UK. We offer consultations to individual health professionals and organisations in order to enhance their knowledge and skills for delivering high quality clinical care.

Many people from the UK and Europe travel abroad e.g. to the Indian sub-continent or Europe for health care including treatment. As health "tourists", they may encounter cultural problems in these countries. Similarly, health professionals from provider countries, e.g. India, may find it difficult to grasp the nuances and subtleties of western patients in their care. The CCS with its team of cross-cultural clinical and academic experts is uniquely positioned to offer consultations and advice to both 'health tourists' and to health care providers.

Cultural Formulation Interview for DSM 5 Field Trials, © UCL

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Sensitising British Mental Health Professionals to Islam

Sensitising British Mental Health Professionals to Islam
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International Consortium for Cultural Consultation

Read more about ICCC at McGill University, Canada.

Business sector

With rapid globalisation, a large number of business organisations are now operating at multiple sites across the world. Many organisations who wish to establish their presence in other countries face challenges in addressing cultural issues that significantly impact upon their business. Cross-cultural communication involves knowledge, skills and attitudes of the host culture. These include etiquettes, values, and norms, which are vital to both business providers and buyers, both in their professional and personal lives.

The CCS can offer consultations to both individuals and groups, in the form of experiential workshops, one-to-one mentoring, cultural conflict mediation, and personal coaching for acquiring cultural skills.

How are we unique?

UCL is a global university and our work is underpinned by the latest research findings. Additionally our costs for providing cultural consultations are modest. Our offices are located in the heart of Bloomsbury and embedded within the UCL International office which networks with partners across the globe.