UCL Cultural Consultation Service


Our consultants

Our consultants

Our Consultants

The UCL CCS (Cultural Consultation Service)

aims to enhance learning and teaching outcomes

for students and staff facing cross-cultural and

social conflicts.

University College London (UCL), the first UK university to open its doors to applicants regardless of race, class, political belief or religion, prides itself on being a global university


  • Dr. Andreas Charidimou, Neurologist and PhD student at UCL.
  • Clement Bayetti, PhD Student, UCL.
  • Sonal Bharadva, Equalities Administrator, UCL.
  • Professor Jane Dacre, Professor of Medical Education, Director of UCL Medical School.
  • Dr. Simon Dein, Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry and Anthropology, UCL.
  • Dr Jane Derges, Medical Anthropologist and Hon. Visiting Lecturer, UCL
  • Mr. Marco Federighi, Vice-Dean (Education) of Engineering Sciences, UCL.
  • Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Engineering Science Faculty Office, UCL & UCL Race Equality Champion.
  • Dr. David Goldberg, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist & Medical Anthropologist, St Georges Hopsital, London, UK.
  • Ms. Sarah Guise, Head of Equalities and Diversity, Equalities Team, UCL.
  • Professor Z. Xiao Guo, UCL Dept. Materials and Inorganic Chemistry, UCL. Pro-Provost for China.
  • Dr. Sumeet Jain , Hon. Visiting Researcher, UCL.
  • Nanda Kannuri, Phd Student, UCL. 
  • Professor Roland Littlewood, Psychiatrist and Anthropologist, UCL.
  • Ms. Fiona McClement, UCL Equalities and Diversity Adviser.
  • Professor David Napier, Medical Anthropologist, Dept of Anthropology, UCL.
  • Ms. Yemi Oloyede, Inter-Cultural Psychotherapist, UCL.
  • Sonu Shamdasani, School of European Languages, Culture & Society, UCL.
  • Professor Simon Shorvon, Professor of Clinical Neurology, UCL.
  • Professor Michael Worton, UCL Vice-Provost (International).
  • Ms. Francesca Zanatta, Psychologist and PhD student, UCL.