Connect to Protect

Connect to Protect has been designed with public health experts to help us monitor and respond to coronavirus cases at UCL and inform our testing programmes. It does not replace NHS Test and Trace.

As well as following the relevant guide to reporting a potential case of coronavirus, students and staff should notify UCL of their situation through the Connect to Protect tool.

We will use the data from the tool to help us:

  • Respond to potential and positive cases and ensure we are offering support to individuals;
  • Identify and respond to potential outbreaks and to manage our collective response in partnership with local public health authorities;
  • Inform UCL’s coronavirus measures and testing programme. 

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Report your status through UCL Connect to Protect to let us know: if you have symptoms of coronavirus, if you need to self-isolate, when you receive the results of a coronavirus test, or if you're a student and you are or will be quarantining after arriving in the UK.

Report your status

How it works

Responding to potential and positive cases

A team of case managers will follow up each potential or positive case reported through the tool and contact the individual to:

  • check on their wellbeing and ensure they are aware of the support available to them;
  • make sure that they understand the need to self-isolate and the support available to help them do so; 
  • signpost to UK Government and NHS guidance which UCL follows;
  • and establish whether they have been in UCL buildings and in close contact with anyone from UCL.  

The team will notify any staff or students who may have been in close contact with the individual to offer support and advice.

There is no requirement for other staff or students to self-isolate or work from home unless they have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace

Contacting Connect to Protect

Staff should not contact Connect to Protect to report a potential case on behalf of a colleague or student. Individuals must report their status through Connect to Protect before the team are able to take any action.

If you are concerned about an outbreak in your department, rather than an individual case, or that appropriate measures have not been taken in response to a report in your department, contact connecttoprotect@ucl.ac.uk.

Responding to potential outbreaks

The data from the tool is reviewed on a daily basis. The data is also reviewed weekly by the UCL COVID-19 Response Management Team (CRMT), UCL Public Health Advisory Panel (PHAP) and local public health authorities. 

If a potential outbreak is identified this will be escalated in line with our proposed plans for managing potential outbreaks alongside key representatives from the affected area. 

National testing programme 

UCL has set up a testing centre as part of the national testing programme for staff and students without symptoms using rapid Lateral Flow Tests (LFT). Once you recieve your results please report these through Connect to Protect. 

How we use your data

Privacy policy

The personal data you provide is being collected for the purpose of managing UCL’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The information you provide will be used to: 

  • identify areas of campus where there is a suspected outbreak of COVID-19 in order to take the necessary mitigation measures 
  • make contact with you to offer UCL’s support services (where appropriate). For example, Student Support and Wellbeing or Care First for Staff
  • assess whether there is a risk of infection to others at UCL and, where necessary, make follow-up contact with you to gather further information on your movements on campus and to establish who you may have been in contact with. Where necessary, this may include contacting your line manager to assist with this assessment

Your information will only be shared with a restricted number of UCL staff members who require it as part of their role in managing UCL’s response to COVID-19. Your personal identifiers will not be used or shared where they are not required for the above purposes (i.e. when analysing general trends on campus) and your personal identifiers will only be made available to specific staff members who require that information to make contact with you. The UCL staff who have access to your personal data will treat it in strict confidence and the personal data you provide will only be stored for as long as UCL requires it for the above purposes, after which it will be destroyed.

UCL may use RegisterUCL to respond to any potential COVID-19 cases on campus through our Connect to Protect tool. This is to help protect members of our community and we will always discuss any reports with those directly affected.

Your personal data may also be shared either on request, or proactively, with public health authorities. Your information will only be shared where UCL considers it is necessary in the public interest in the area of public health. This could happen, for example, where a public health authority needs to establish whether there is a link between cases to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. Your personal data will only be shared with local, NHS or UK Government public health authorities. We will limit the information provided to the minimum required by the public health authority for these purposes. If the public health authority only requires information on COVID-19 trends at UCL, we will anonymise the information and your personal data will not be shared.

For more information on the way UCL handles your personal data, as well as our legal basis for processing it and your rights as a data subject, please see the relevant UCL Staff or Student privacy notice.

How to use UCL Connect to Protect

For the best experience please use one of the following browsers: Chrome; Microsoft Edge or Safari. Please note that Internet Explorer isn't supported and may cause some problems with functionality.

Sign in with your UCL sign in details. Once you have signed in, you will be prompted to choose the kind of report you'd like to make.

  • Report result from an asymptomatic test
  • Report result from symptomatic PCR test
  • I have COVID-19 symptoms
  • I have to self-isolate
  • I will be or am quarantining after arriving in the UK

Trouble accessing Connect to Protect

If you can't access Connect to Protect, please report the issue to IT Services and report your status through askUCL if you're a student, or contact Workplace Heath if you are a member of staff.

Further questions

If you have a specific question about your individual circumstances please speak to your department or line manager in the first instance. If you have a more general question, please check that it has not already been answered through our Coronavirus FAQs or Keeping Safe on Campus webpages

Students can contact us though the askUCL student enquiries system. Members of staff can contact us via our online form or alternatively you can email covidhelpline@ucl.ac.uk.

If you would like to speak to someone on the phone, please call our helpline on 0203 108 5699. Lines are open 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.