The UCL Community Commitment to Protect Each Other

Our priority is to make sure our campus is as safe as possible and everyone, whether you are staff or a student, has a part to play.

The UCL Community Commitment to Protect Each Other sets out the expectations of all members of our community and follows the most up-to date local and national guidance, including guidance from our own experts.

Please read this document carefully and discuss it with others.  If you have any questions about it, please contact srs@ucl.ac.uk.


  • The safety of our community is paramount: all measures have been put in place to ensure safety on campus.
  • We all have a responsibility to keep up-to-date with and comply with the Government’s requirements and UCL’s guidance and requirements.  These will change over time.
  • We are committed to keeping the campus and its buildings open.
  • We are a diverse community and our approaches must be inclusive.
  • Each of us has a responsibility for our own safety and for the safety of others.
  • When off campus, particularly in halls of residence and in private rented accommodation, our students continue to abide by the Government’s requirements and the law.
  • We treat each other respectfully and respond positively if others remind us of our obligations.
  • We respect the dignity of others and work to foster an inclusive culture that promotes UCL’s values.

Protecting each other on campus

We all have a responsibility to take measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

We are working hard with our recognised unions and taking advice from UCL’s world-leading researchers to make sure our campus is as safe as possible but these won’t be enough on their own, we also need your help to prevent the spread of infection and keep our community safe. 

UCL supports the current roll out of COVID-19 vaccinations across the UK and encourages students and staff to get vaccinated if they are able to. 

We all have a responsibility to report symptoms and positive cases of COVID-19 and to get tested regularly

Around 1 in 3 people have COVID-19 without displaying any symptoms. By getting tested regularly, you can help to reduce the spread of infection. The UK Government is also using surge testing in some areas to monitor and respond to new, more contagious variants of COVID-19.

If you are a student who is quarantining, please notify UCL by completing the online UK arrival quarantine notification form on askUCL

We all have a responsibility to support each other:

  • Remind others in a friendly and polite way if they have made a mistake, overlooked or are not following the guidelines. 
  • Do not take offence if someone reminds you of your own slip or mistake.  We’re all just trying to keep everyone safe.
  • Don't forget some members of our community are not able to wear face coverings. Some of them could be wearing or displaying a sunflower lanyard, a TFL exemption card or a Government exemption badge. If you see any of these, there is no need to remind that person of their responsibilities. 

Please note

If you do not co-operate with the safety requirements at any UCL event, whether it be teaching, enrichment, a student union society or other in-person event, you may be asked to leave the event; the organiser may also decide to terminate the event.

Keeping safe in Halls of Residence and other student residential accommodation

All residents have a responsibility to adhere to the Accommodation General Regulations and the additional requirements that make halls safe during the pandemic. 

You are required to comply with requests from Wardens, Student Residence Advisers, and the UCL Accommodation, Security and Cleaning teams: they are there to help you and make sure you are safe.  Always be considerate of others.

Keeping safe in the wider community

We all have a responsibility to respect the community we live in and its local residents. 

You must follow the requests of the police and other emergency services and ensure that your behaviour respects the dignity and rights of other members of the UCL community and the wider communities in which we live and work.  Students living in the community should be considerate of their neighbours at all times.

Intercollegiate study

Students studying intercollegiate modules at other universities will be required to follow safety measures put in place by the host institution.  Likewise, intercollegiate students studying at UCL are asked to take account of our Community Commitment.

If others don’t follow the Commitment

UCL expects all staff and students to abide by this Community Commitment to Protect Each Other. However, there may be some individuals who wilfully ignore the Commitment and our other guidance.

Such behaviour is unacceptable. It puts other people at risk. It may also cause distress and anxiety, not only to those near you, but also to the wider community, who might become aware of poor behaviour through social media or the press.

Our disciplinary policies and procedures cover the issue of safety: if you put others at risk through your behaviour, UCL will take proportionate action. 

Those responsible for delivering teaching, enrichment and social events or any other UCL activity are entitled to terminate the event if they judge that a participant’s behaviour is putting others at risk.

Whether you are a staff member or a student, if you wish to pass on concerns about others’ behaviour that falls short of our Commitment and our work to protect each other, please write to srs@ucl.ac.uk

Find more about the protective measures we have introduced in response to COVID-19 on our Keeping safe on campus web pages