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Frequently asked questions, advice and support for students holding an offer or applying for a place at UCL

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This page aims to answer the frequently asked questions about the potential impact of coronavirus on your education and your application. For more information about being a student at UCL and for specific information about your course and its requirements, your application, or immigration, visit Study at UCL.

Your education at UCL

We are planning for our campus to be open to all students for the start of the new academic year in September 2021. You will have a blend of face-to-face and online teaching and learning, designed to support you to progress and succeed academically.  Our 'blended by design' approach responds to the feedback of our students and builds on the continuous refinement of our online education this year.

Find out more about Your UCL education in the 2021-22 academic year

Why should I come to London if many of my lectures are online?

Your lectures are just one element of your UCL education and in most cases you will miss some of your teaching if you do not attend classes on campus. As well as covering some of your curriculum, these face to face activities are important opportunities to connect with your peers and teachers. Our students tell us very clearly how much they value in-person interaction with fellow students and the experience of an environment that is alive with research and academic scholarship, alongside the opportunity to live, study and work in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

Why can I join a large workshop in person but not a large lecture?

There are limits to the amount of face-to-face teaching we can deliver if there are social distancing restrictions. Our students have told us again and again interactive activity must be prioritized. By careful planning, putting large lectures online and limiting some class sizes, we are confident we will be able to flex our campus to maintain some interactive face to face learning activity, even if social distancing requirements become temporarily more restrictive.

What will happen to my education if there are new coronavirus restrictions next winter?

Our blended model of education helps us manage risk as the coronavirus pandemic continues and we go through the winter months. By offering all large lectures online, and limiting some class sizes, as we will be able to flex our campus to accommodate some interactive face to face learning activity, even if social distancing requirements change temporarily. If there are further lockdowns, we will move our teaching online, as we have done successfully over the last year. We will continue to update all students if there are any significant changes to this plan.

What if I can’t get to London for the start of the academic year, because of coronavirus restrictions in my country?

Some students will not be able to join us in London at the start of the year, because of continuing coronavirus travel restrictions in some countries. If this affects you, we will support you as best we can to commence your studies online for a short period of time until you are able to join us in person. These support arrangements will vary across departments and some programmes will able to support students who cannot travel to London for most or all of term 1. However, in most cases you will miss some or all your teaching if you do not attend classes on campus.  If coronavirus restrictions delay your arrival in the UK and you cannot attend campus at the start of term, you should consult your department’s website for guidance. In some cases you may be able to catch up, in others it may be better to interrupt or defer your studies to 2022-23. 

Can international students travelling to London get financial support for mandatory quarantine costs? 

International students coming to UCL from 'red list' countries will be able to apply for financial support towards the cost of mandatory quarantine. Find out more about support with quarantine costs

Keeping safe on campus

Visit our keeping safe on campus website to find out what we’re doing to protect our staff and students, how you can help keep campus as safe as possible.

Information for current students

Visit our Information for UCL Students pages for information, advice and support for current students around coronavirus including staying safe on campus, reporting potential coronavirus cases and FAQs about key topics including teaching, assessment, research, libraries, IT, events and travel. 

Applications and admissions

We continue to give equal consideration to all applications regardless of where you are from or where you live and are doing everything we can to limit any impact coronavirus may have on current applications to study at UCL.

Please see our Study at UCL pages for the most up to date information about the application process and requirements for your course. 

My grades may be affected by either missing courses or being taught by distance learning. What account will you take of this?

We are taking advice from the examination bodies on school and university closures due to the coronavirus outbreak, including the provision of online learning opportunities. We expect extenuating circumstances to be taken into account by the relevant examination bodies. Any appeals should go to the examination bodies directly as universities are not part of this process.

If you will be unable to provide evidence of meeting the condition(s) set out in your offer letter because your institution is unable to provide your final classification please contact us to discuss this. 

Undergraduate: undergraduate-admissions@ucl.ac.uk 
Graduate: postgraduate-admissions@ucl.ac.uk

How will the the UK Government’s announcement on the cancellation of A level exams affect my application to UCL?

UCL will continue to assess all applications through its normal selection processes and will observe UCAS deadlines. Teacher Assessed Grades will be published on 10 August for A Level and 12 August for GCSE's.   

If I have any questions regarding my application or offer from UCL, what is the best way to contact the university?

The Admissions Helpline is open 09:00 – 17:00 (BST) Monday – Friday: +44 (0)208 059 0939 

Depending on your level or programme of study, enquiries can be made by email to the following: