The Core Study



McGlynn (2006) CRHT: A Practical Guide

Multidisciplinary working

Professional differences may occur in any team and this is not necessarily a bad thing. The real danger is if this is allowed to impinge on the package of care delivered to an individual and, worse still, if it compromises risk management. There is value in diversity and teams consisting of many disciplines can have diversity in abundance. While a team can bring together a wealth of experience, both from training and from life experiences, it can also create some differences in methodologies and approaches.

Effective leadership and a commitment to a shared philosophy usually assist in the cohesion of teams. If this is in place then they can reduce the risks significantly. Members of the CRHT team need to be able to trust each other and respect their opinions and experiences in order to enable positive risk management. The role of the team manager/leader is paramount in securing and fostering a culture where staff can practise in a manner that does not inhibit therapeutic, creative and innovative approaches. (p.36)