The Core Study



Department of Health (2001) Mental Health Policy Implementation Guide

The table below gives details of suggested staffing levels and skill mix for a team with a caseload of 20 to 30 service users at any one time.

Designated named workers:

Key skills:

• High energy level

• Team player

• Ability creatively to engage service


• Understanding of needs of service

users, including specific needs related

to cultural background/age/gender etc

• Able to co-ordinate care and provide

broad range of interventions

Total 14 per team

Team leader plus up to 13 others

Designated named workers include:





Support workers including service users

Appropriate mix of staff is needed to ensure

that all the interventions listed can be provided

within the team

 Medical staff

• Active members of the team

• 24 hour access to senior psychiatrists

able to do home visits is vital

• Involvement from both consultant and

middle grade psychiatrists

• Level of psychiatric input to be determined

by local need and service configuration

 Specialist skills

• These skills should be available within

the team either by employing a fully

qualified practitioner or by training

other team members

• External supervision, support and

training needed for 'non specialists'

providing these interventions 

• OT/OT skills

• Psychologist/psychology skills

• ASW/strong links to social services and

ability to undertake thorough assessment

and activate services as needed

 Support workers

• People with health, social care or

appropriate life experience or personal

experience of mental health


• Number of support workers to be

determined by the team

• Support workers to reflect the demography

of the local population

 Programme support

• 1 wte administrative assistant

• IT, audit and evaluation support may also

be needed