The Core Study



Bridgett & Polak (2003) Social systems intervention and crisis resolution Part 2: Intervention

All admissions to in-patient care can be considered for early discharge with help from a crisis resolution team. Assessment at the time of admission should anticipate this (Box 8). A close working relationship between the team and the ward staff (Smyth, 2003), and all others involved, is important. Any of the crisis resolution and social systems considerations already mentioned might be relevant, but it is especially important to account for the failure in coping that necessitated the admission - the referral crisis. In addition to the social systems crises that preceded the referral crisis, the crisis of admission (Polak, 1967) must be taken into account: how has the admission affected the social systems to which the individual will return on discharge? It might also be relevant to take into account the influence of the in-patient care on the individual's coping behaviour, which is inevitably affected by social context. Any identified maladaptive responses should be addressed on an individual basis, and in relevant social systems meetings, by the promotion of healthy coping. (p.436)