The Core Study



Department of Health (2001) Mental Health Policy Implementation Guide

3.1 Who is the Service for?

Commonly adults (16 to 65 years old) with severe mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia, manic

depressive disorders, severe depressive disorder) with an acute psychiatric crisis of such

severity that, without the involvement of a crisis resolution/home treatment team,

hospitalisation would be necessary. (NB) In every locality there should be flexibility to

decide to treat those who fall outside this age group where appropriate.

This service is not usually appropriate for individuals with:

• Mild anxiety disorders

• Primary diagnosis of alcohol or other substance misuse

• Brain damage or other organic disorders including dementia

• Learning disabilities

• Exclusive diagnosis of personality disorder

• Recent history of self harm but not suffering from a psychotic illness or severe

depressive illness

• Crisis related solely to relationship issues (p.11)