The Core Study



McGlynn (2006) CRHT: A Practical Guide

'Visiting frequently in the early stages

Many of the people taken on by the CRHT team would otherwise be in hospital, where their behaviour and mental state would be frequently monitored. These also need to be monitored when they are receiving home treatment. Practical and interpersonal problems may need to be addressed. It may be necessary to obtain further history.

Most importantly, the therapeutic relationship needs to be built upon with the service user and their carers to enable them to develop trust and confidence in the CRHT team. If this is their first experience of the CRHT team they will understandably be wary of what is happening; they will not have had such an intensity of home visiting offered (or given) to them in the past so they may be unsure whether it will be delivered. Frequent visiting helps to overcome this apprehension and any concern that team members have about the person's welfare. A person who is very unwell will be visited twice or even three times daily in the beginning. As their condition improves, so the frequency of visiting can be reduced.' (p.18)