The Core Study



Rethink: Under Pressure (2003)

The CRT specifically records carers' needs and a support plan

'Carers have a legal right to have their own needs assessed but few make use of this right and for those who do, many do not receive any extra help as a result' (p.2)

'It is not enough that carers have a right to an assessment, they must also have the right to receive the support they need. Providers must ring fence resources so that recommendations to address identified carers' needs can be financed. We welcome the introduction of carers' assessments, and there are carers who have found the process of 'being assessed' helpful and positive in terms of identifying and talking through their own needs. So many more carers would benefit, however, if some of the mountain of 'unmet need' was also addressed through this supportive process.' (p.7)