The Core Study



Stakeholder Event, February 2016

Representatives of NHS England, NHS Trusts, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, as well as researchers and those involved in the development and implementation of the CORE study, came together at UCL to discuss the future of crisis care in the UK, and new developments in peer support research.

Presentations from the even can be found below:

ENMESH, Malaga, 2015

Presentations by the CORE team can be found below:

CORE Learning Collaborative 27th April 2015

The CORE Learning Collaborative event was held at UCL on Monday 27th April 2015. It was an opportunity for staff from the teams and Trusts involved in the CORE Phase 4 Resource pack trial to get together and share their experiences of service improvement.  The event happened 6 months in to the intervention period of the trial.  Speakers from 9 of the 15 teams in the intervention arm of the study gave presentations explaining what their service improvement plans look like, and how they are working to achieve them.  While the study is ongoing these presentations will only be available to teams in the intervention arm of the study, but will be made more widely available at the end of the study.  We also had talks from Dr Geraldine Strathee, Clinical Director for Mental Health, NHS England, Professor Sonia Johnson and Dr Bryn Lloyd-Evans:


CORE Symposium 27th May 2014

The first CORE Symposium was held at UCL on Tuesday the 27th of May 2014.  Over 80 participants listened to a number of presentations and engaged in useful discussion.  Presentations are available to download below:

Verona ENMESH 2013

Members of the research team attended the Verona ENMESH conference 2013 and gave presentations on:

  • Crisis alternatives to hospital admission (presentation slides).
  • The current state of knowledge about optimal mental health acute care systems (presentation slides).
  • Service users' perspectives on acute care.
  • Results from a national survey of innovative practice in Crisis Resolution Teams in England (as part of Workstream 1).
  • The development of the Crisis Resolution Team fidelity measure (as part of Workstream 1).
  • The development and design of the peer-support self-management programme (as part of Workstream 2).

For more details see the presentation abstracts.

Other conferences

In addition to the conferences listed above, findings from the CORE study have been presented at a number of conferences: 

"Optimising mental health acute home treatment: Crisis Resolution Team implementation and the CORE study", keynote speech by Brynmor Lloyd-Evans at the Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research Conference, September 2016

'Improving Crisis Care' Presented at the Improving Mental Health Crisis Care: Maintaining Momentum, February 2016

'Acute Mental Health Care: Evidence and Directions', presentation by Sonia Johnson, Cambridge University, October 2015.

'How do crisis houses differ from acute mental health wards?' Presented at the World Association for Social Psychiatry Jubilee Conference, November 2014

'Crisis care in England: evidence and implementation' Key note lecture by Sonia Johnson at the European Psychiatric Association Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology meeting, Ulm, Germany, May 2014

'The CORE research programme on crisis resolution teams' Presented at the Royal College of Psychiatrists General and Community Faculty Conference

Findings from the study were presented at the Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust Annual Nursing Conference, 2014