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IOE academic team produces math education report for Royal Society

14 September 2023

Maths education must integrate quality EdTech faster to thrive in a data-centric future. IOE academics outline a 20-year strategy to support the implementation and effective use of digital technologies in mainstream maths education in schools and colleges.

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Maths educators at IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society, have authored a report to inform a new vision for the role of technology in maths education. The report, published today, was commissioned by the Royal Society’s Mathematical Futures Programme.

The Programme is an initiative seeking to evolve how maths is taught in the UK by guiding policy, to ensure maths education is fit for the purpose of equipping upcoming generations with the mathematical, data and statistical competencies they need to meet the demands of the 21st century.

The report’s authors Dr Cosette Crisan, Dr Eirini Geraniou and Professor Jeremy Hodgen comment that as digital technologies, bolstered by rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, assume greater prominence across society, mathematics education stands at a pivotal juncture. However, this area of the curriculum currently lags behind other domains in harnessing digital technologies to enrich learning and teaching.

Contracted via UCL Consultants, the report suggests strategies for how to effectively integrate digital technologies into teaching, learning, and doing mathematics, and how to support educators in discerning which digital technologies are best suited for distinct educational contexts

Read full story and six key recommendations over on IOE website

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