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A new university, a new collaboration in medical education

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8 November 2016

In October 2016, New Giza University (NGU) opened its doors 'creating an extraordinary youthful environment filled with energy, talent, and cultural diversity that redefines the future Egypt, a vibrant community of world class interdisciplinary researchers, professors, & students

The university aims to be a beacon in healthcare education in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. That's why three of its first departments are Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

And who better for NGU to work with than UCL in an academic collaboration to support colleagues from NGU to develop and deliver high quality undergraduate medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programmes in the Cairo region.

Taking the lead in the 'Egypt-UK Year of Research, Innovation and Education'

Early in 2016, UCL Consultants signed a framework agreement with NGU on behalf of UCL Medical School Education Consultancy (MSEC), UCL School of Pharmacy and UCL Eastman Dental Institute.  

Leveraging UCL's excellence in academic practice and education and its track record in training highly effective medical professionals, the academic collaboration allows UCL to contribute to the development of health education in the Middle East region. Initial activities such as a scoping visit and needs analysis culminated in the signing of a substantial, high value, six year contract. 

This agreement was part of what the British Council, working with an Egyptian higher education delegation, called the 'Egypt-UK Year of Research, Innovation and Education.' This historic initiative involved no less than ten leading UK universities.

Creating lasting and meaningful global impact

The contract further cements the role of MSEC as a premier academic medical education consultancy unit in the UK. The initial contact with New Giza University was established by the Director of the UCL Medical School and MSEC, Professor Deborah Gill who also led the project design for the Egyptian undergraduate program for medicine. The Directors of the UCL School of Pharmacy (Professor Duncan Craig) and the UCL Eastman Dental Institute (Professor Stephen Porter) oversaw the project design for their respective schools.


New Giza University

Pooling expertise from senior faculty and staff from the Medical School, School of Pharmacy and the Eastman Dental Institute, the UCL team will collaborate with their New Giza colleagues in the strategic planning, organisation, development and quality assurance of three new undergraduate programs. NGU's key decisions concerning educational resources and faculty development will also be supported by this collaboration to enable the institution to deliver an innovative, contemporary, student-centered learning experience. 

Education consultancy is one of the ways in which UCL academic and professional services staff can create lasting and meaningful global impact. Education consultancy activities within the School of Life and Medical Sciences faculties focuses on supporting fellow healthcare educators to realise their ambition to provide education for health professionals that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of contemporary practice they can help produce graduates that have the capabilities and drive to create significant health gain wherever they practice.

A boost for healthcare in Egypt and beyond

Professor Deborah Gill, Director of UCL's Medical School said, 'We're delighted to have this unique opportunity to work with New Giza University. In using our expertise, experience and resources we can help, support and mentor an excellent and motivated team to develop and deliver contemporary, world-class health care education for dentists, doctors and pharmacists in Egypt.'

Professor Stephen Porter, Director of the Eastman Dental Institute added, 'This partnership will enhance our ability to make a real difference globally, not only by increasing access to a comprehensive education for aspiring dentists, but also by potentially helping enhance the oral health awareness of large numbers of individuals.'

In conclusion Professor Duncan Craig, Director of UCL's School of Pharmacy commented, 'This project represents a unique opportunity to positively influence current practice in a country that is a major regional provider of health care education, as well as to show the benefits of pharmacy, dentistry and medicine working in collaboration to achieve the best outcome for the patient.'


Reproduced with kind permission of New Giza Univerity and UCL

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