The Constitution Unit


Tracking UK Constitutional Reform

The Constitution Unit's early reports, published in 1996 and 1997, addressed the full range of constitutional reform proposals that were then on the UK political agenda.  Many of these reports - the full list of which can be found on our publications page - focused on specific issues.  But some took a wider view.  In particular:

  • The Unit's very first report, Delivering Constitutional Reform, examined in detail the processes through which a substantial constitutional reform agenda might best be delivered - through Whitehall, through Westminster, and, where appropriate, through processes of consultation and inquiry.
  • In the CIPFA/Times Lecture delivered in July 1997, Robert Hazell surveyed the approach taken to constitutional reform by the Blair government in its earliest months. He highlighted in particular the government's piecemeal approach and the lack of any central coordination of the reform agenda. He gave a further progress report sixteen months later in his inaugural lecture as Professor of Government and the Constitution.

Later work continued to track the ongoing process of constitutional reform in the UK: