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Constitutions and Constitution-Making Archive

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The Magna Carta and Its Modern Legacy (2014-15)

A study of the influence of Magna Carta in the UK and internationally.

Comparing Constitutions (2013-15)

A project cataloguing the content of all constitutions written in independent states from 1789 to the present

Constitutional Standards in Legislation (2004-17)

Research into standards for judging constitutional legislation.

Evolution of British Democracy

Research into how the character of democracy in the UK has changed since 1945.

Constitutional Futures (1990-2008)

Investigation into the paths that processes of constitutional change might take over the first few decades of the 21st century. 

Tracking UK Constitutional Reform (1996-2010)

An assessment of the wide range of constitutional reform proposals on the UK political agenda.

Designing a Constitutional Convention

Research into the form that a constitutional convention might best take.