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Ministers Outside Parliament (2010)

This project considered the case for ministers from outside parliament and methods for holding them accountable. It also made comparisions with and drew lessons from other countries. 

Expertise and Experience in the House of Lords (2009)

This report was commissioned by the House of Lords Appointments Commission, in order to investigate diversity amongst the membership of the House of Lords. The report considers two issues: diversity of professional background, and areas of peers' residence.

Assessing the Introduction of Public Bill Committees (2008–2009)

This project examined reforms that took place in 2006 to reform committee scrutiny of government bills in the House of Commons through introducing an evidence-taking phase. It drew on a series of 30 interviews to review the work of the new committees.

The Governance of Parliament (2004–2007)

This project investigated control of parliamentary agenda, budget setting, committee membership and key appointments as well as how reforms reach the agenda and who (if anyone) speaks for the backbenches. 

Study of Draft Bills (1999–2000)

This project was run jointly with the Hansard Society. It was the first systematic attempt to find out what value is added by the new extra stage in the legislative process, and how it can be made more effective.

Reforming the House of Lords: Lessons from Overseas (1998–2000)

When Labour came to power in 1997, they committed to reforming the House of Lords in two stages. This project sought to inform that second stage, drawing on examples from overseas for guidance. 

House of Lords Reform: Commentaries (1995–2007)

This page gathers together the Constitution Unit's publications on the topic of the House of Lords, specifically its work, effectiveness and proposed/enacted reforms in a period of unprecedented change under Labour. 

Parliament and Devolution (1999–2004)

This page brings together two projects focusing on the impact of devolution legislation introduced by Labour. One focused on the impact on the Westminster parliament itself and the other looked at the impact on local representative roles.