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A Reserved Powers Model for Wales (2015–16)

The Constitution Unit has long argued that the Welsh Assembly should have primary legislative powers like the Scottish Parliament. This project culminated in two reports exploring how this could be achieved. 

Devolution Monitoring Programme (2006–09)

This devolution monitoring project built on a first phase undertaken from 1999-2005. It comprised five research teams who recorded and analysed all significant developments in the field of devolution and devolved governance across the UK. 

Parliamentary Scrutiny of Multi-Level Governance (2006)

This project considered parliament-executive relations in the context of multi-level governance. Led by Robert Hazell and Akash Paun, it investigated the relationship between Britain's three legislatures. 

Evaluation of the Role and Impact of Regional Chambers (2003–05)

This project was commissioned by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and undertaken by Arup and the Constitution Unit. It evaluated the role of Regional Chambers and produced a framework for assessing their impact on regional policy. 

Multi-Tier Politics and its Impact on Local Representation (2002–05)

This project examined the role of local MSPs and AMs. It considered how their approach to the role had developed and whether devolution has rendered representation more effective or simply more confused. 

How the Law and Devolution Disputes Shape the Devolution Settlement (2001–04)

This project considered the role of the law in shaping the first five years of New Labour's devolution settlement. It considered both legal and political resolution of disputes and also investigated the impact of judicial review on the Scottish Parliament. 

Monitoring Devolution Through Four Territorial Networks of 40 Expert Observers (2000–05)

The Unit's ESRC-funded project monitoring devolution created four monitoring teams, in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the English regions. These produced regular reports on political and constitutional developments. Its reports are gathered here. 

Scottish Independence (2000–02) 

The result of extensive work analysing Scottish devolution and the legislation that led to it, this book, written by members of the Constitution Unit gathered together our findings on the topic. 

Devolution and the English Regions (2000–05)

View a breakdown of the projects the Constitution Unit has conducted on the issue of devolution and the English regions. 

Devolution Monitoring Programme (1999-–2005)

During this project, members of the Constitution Unit monitored the implementation of devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Dynamics of Devolution (1999–2005)

This book was the outcome of a long-running project examining the changing political dynamics of devolution as a result of New Labour's devolution settlement. 

Devolution & Health (1999–2003)

This project considered the impact of devolution on healthcare policy, taking as it subject matter the lives of devolution's first parliaments. It sought lessons for England's regions and London. 

Breaking the Mould: The UK's New Assemblies (1999–2001)

This project assessed the extent to which the devolved assemblies sought to differentiate themselves from their creator: Westminster in their aspirations, objectives and practice. 

Devolution Archive: Devolution Across the UK

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Devolution Archive: Devolution in England

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Devolution Archive: Devolution in Wales

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Devolution Archive: Devolution in Northern Ireland

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Devolution Archive: Devolution in Scotland

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