The Constitution Unit


Devolution Monitoring Programme 2006-09

January 2006 - December 2009


From 1999 to 2005 the Constitution Unit led a major research project into the functioning of devolution since its earliest days, the fruits of which included 103 reports (Devolution Monitoring Reports 1999-2005) and the five-volume State of the Nations book series. Having secured additional funding from the ESRC and the UK and Scottish governments, a second phase of the monitoring programme was launched in January 2006 to run until the autumn of 2008.

The Devolution Monitoring Programme 2006-2008 is comprised of five research teams, which record and analyse all significant developments in the field of devolution and devolved governance, and produce three Monitoring Reports per year in their respective areas of expertise - Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the English Regions and Devolution and the Centre.

Monitoring Reports

ScotlandEnglish RegionsWalesNorthern IrelandCentre

The Research Network

The overall monitoring programme is managed by Professor Robert Hazell.

  • The Scotland team is led by Professor Charlie Jeffery and Dr Nicola McEwen, of the Institute of Governance at the University of Edinburgh.
  • The Wales monitoring team is based at the Institute of Welsh Politics at Aberystwyth and led by Profs Richard Wyn Jones and Roger Scully.
  • The co-leaders of the Northern Ireland monitoring team are Professor Rick Wilford and Robin Wilson of Queen's University Belfast.
  • The English Regions reports are written by Martin Burch, Alan Harding and James Rees of the Institute for Political and Economic Governance at the University of Manchester.
  • And the Constitution Unit itself produces the reports on Devolution and the Centre.


The Constitution Unit and its research partners are grateful to the following organisations for funding the new incarnation of the Devolution Monitoring Programme that commenced work in January 2006.