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Special Advisers (2012–14)

It is difficult to discuss the role and impact of special advisers in government without having an evidence base from which to work. this project aimed to remedy this by constructing a database and interviews with special advisers, their ministers and civil servants.

Government Lawyers (2012–13)

This short Constitution Unit project sought to examine the role of government lawyers. It asked: 'Who are they?', 'What do they do?', and 'What is the nature of their influence in Whitehall?'.

Coalition Government (2011)

In this research project we studied coalition governance in the UK. Examining how the new coalition government works is vital, as the UK appears to be moving toward a multiparty system, making hung parliaments more likely in the future.

Ministers from Outside Parliament (2010)

The project asked a number of different questions about the arguments for and against having ministers from outside Parliament, their accountability, and the lessons to be learnt from overseas.

Minority & Multi-Party Government (2009)

This project's findings showed how minority government cab work effectively in the interests of good government and a stronger parliament. It drew on lessons from New Zealand and Canada and from the SNP minority government in Scotland.

Coalition Governments: Lessons from Overseas (2000–01)

The Constitution Unit undertook a major review of the way that coalition governments are formed and operate in various countries overseas.

Special adviser resources

View a package of online resource materials for special advisers put together by Constitution Unit researchers.