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Monitor is the Constitution Unit's newsletter and is published three times a year. It contains analysis of constitutional developments across the UK and around the world, and information about the Unit’s research, publications and events.

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: Defending Democracy (March 2022)
: Is this what democractic backsliding feels like? (November 2021)
Constitutional uncertainty on multiple fronts (July 2021)
Change, continuity, and an uncertain future for the Union (March 2021)
Democratic lockdown? (November 2020)
The Constitution under COVID-19 (July 2020)
 Normality, or Revolution? (March 2020)
 On the Brink (November 2019)
Brexit and the changing logic of British Politics (June 2019)
Brexit: the constitution under strain (March 2019)
 Brexit: The uncertain road ahead (November 2018)
 Rethinking referendums (July 2018)
A constitution in flux (March 2018)
Brexit blues (November 2017)
 The most unexpected election (June 2017)
 Testing constitutional times (February 2017)
Brexit and the transformation of British politics (October 2016)
 The EU Referendum: A fair process? (June 2016)
 The Lords: Crisis? What crisis? (February 2016)
 The new government’s constitutional reform programme (October 2015)
 The Conservatives’ constitutional reform programme (June 2015)
Preparing for another hung parliament (February 2015)
 Scotland, England and the Union (October 2014)
Scottish Independence: the Countdown (June 2014)
Code of Constitutional Standards (February 2014)
 Major New International Venture The Launch of Constitute: The World’s Constitutions to Read, Search and Compare (November 2013)
 The Coalition at Three (June 2013)
 Commission on a Bill of Rights Reports (February 2013)
 Lords Reform: Dead, or Just Resting? (October 2012)
Scottish Independence: The Battle Lines are Drawn (June 2012)
Will the Queen's Diamond Jubilee change the Rules of Succession? (January 2012)
Clegg Delivers for the Conservatives (October 2011)
 A Tale of Two Referendums (June 2011)
 Constitutional reforms hit trouble in Parliament (January 2011)
 Government haste puts flagship bills at risk (October 2010)
 Post Election Edition (June 2010)
Constitutional Issues in the Election (January 2010)
 Labour's Last Fling on Constitutional Reform (September 2009)
 CSPL Inquiry into MPs' Expenses (May 2009)
 Constitutional Reform Put On Hold (January 2009)
 Governance of Britain One Year On (September 2008)
 The 'Constitutional Renewal' Agenda Moves Forward (May 2008)
 Scotland: Toward a New Settlement? (January 2008)
 Gordon Brown and the Constitution (September 2007)
 Lords Reform: Progress at Last? (May 2007)
 The Union under Strain (January 2007)
 Human Rights Sabre Rattling (September 2006)
 Party Donors, Peerages and the Constitution (May 2006) 
 Parliament Bites Back (January 2006)
 Welsh Devolution: The next steps (September 2005)
 FOI goes Live in 2005 (April 2005)
 Elected regions hit the buffers (January 2005)
 Voters want choice in voting methods (September 2004)
 After Thirty Years, the UK again faces a Referendum (June 2004)
 Voting Systems all up for Review (March 2004)
 Constitutional Battles Ahead (December 2003)
 The Reshuffle in Perspective (September 2003)
 Rainbow Parliament in Scotland (June 2003)
 Lords Reform Ends in Shambles (March 2003)
 The Meaning of Modernisation (December 2002)
 PR Commission (August 2002)
 Regional Rejig (June 2002)
 Parliament Awakening? (March 2002)
 Lords Reform Stage Two: Wakeham or What? (December 2001)
 Whitehall's Constitutional Duo (September 2001)
 Constitutional Shake Up in Whitehall Do Britain's Political Parties Understand Devolution? (June 2001)
 Labour's Second Term Agenda (March 2001)
 The State and the Nations (December 2000)
 Rights Unleashed? (September 2000)
 Legislative Logjam (June 2000)
 Devolution Hots Up (March 2000)
 Reforming the House of Lords and Lessons from Overseas (December 1999)
 Unit Wins £1m Grant for Devolution Programme (September 1999)
 Devolution Dawns (June 1999)
 Constitutional Futures (March 1999)
 Constitutional Futures (December 1998)
 Year Two: Home Office takes the lead (September 1998)
 Constitution Unit expands again (May 1998)
 Lords Reform 1,2,3... (March 1998)
Constitution Unit moves to School of Public Policy in UCL (September 1997)