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Monitor 83: Sunak's Constitutional Dilemmas

15 March 2023

Monitor 83

The latest issue of the Constitution Unit’s Monitor is available now. Published three times a year, Monitor provides a unique round-up of constitutional developments in the UK over the preceding months.

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Among much else, this edition of Monitor reports on:

  • Rishi Sunak’s progress on his commitment to restore ‘integrity, professionalism and accountability’ to public life.
  • Ongoing concerns around parliamentary scrutiny – including around the passage of the controversial Retained EU Law Bill - and updates on parliamentary standards.
  • Developments under the 2022 Elections Act, including the hasty introduction of Voter ID, and ongoing consultation on the government ‘strategy and policy statement’ for the Electoral Commission.
  • The Cabinet reshuffle
  • The Bill of Rights Bill
  • Labour’s Brown commission proposals
  • Developments in Northern Ireland, including an assessment of the new Protocol deal
  • Key issues of the candidates to replace Nicola Sturgeon as the next SNP leader
  • Publication of the interim report on the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales.
  • Four new Constitution Unit reports, and two new books – on the monarchy, House of Lords reform, the prerogative, public attitudes to integrity and accountability in politics, and The Parliamentary Battle over Brexit.

You can also read the Monitor lead story by Meg Russell and Alan Renwick on the Constitution Unit blog.