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Press release: Constitution Unit analysis of the English Question

26 September 2014

On the Constitution Unit Blog Robert Hazell has published a four page analysis of all the different answers to the English Question.  As the political parties and others cross swords about the rival merits of an English Parliament or English votes on English laws, or city regions vs regional government vs local government, the Constitution Unit offers this as an expert and dispassionate contribution to the debate.  It is based upon a three year research project with ten contributors which resulted in a book titled The English Question.

'Searching for an answer to the English Question was rather like the hunt for the Holy Grail' said Professor Hazell.  'What eventually became clear is that the English Question is a general heading for a series of questions about the government of England post devolution.  We have done our best to explain the different versions of the question, to set out all the different answers, and to analyse their pros and cons.  We hope this will clarify the different options available.  A future government may sensibly decide to pursue more than one option'.

Notes for Editors

  • The Constitution Unit is an independent and non-partisan research centre based in the Department of Political Science at University College London.
  • The Blog post on the English Question is here
  • The book on the English Question can be found here