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The Human Rights Act 1998: Past, Present and Future

7 March 2016, 6pm

Professor Colm O'Cinneide, UCL Laws
Dr Jeff King, UCL Laws


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The UK needs a devolved government for London

Thursday, 11 February 2016

London is the UK’s undiscovered country and it is time we recognised it as the UK’s fifth constituent part by granting it the devolved political powers it deserves, says Tim Oliver. He argues that London’s size, unique population, economy, politics, identity, society and place in the UK, Europe and the world all add up to make it […]

The proposal for a UK constitutional court is half-baked, unnecessary and potentially dangerous

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Recent media reports have suggested that the government plans to introduce a new ‘constitutional court’, based on the model of the German Federal Constitutional Court, in an attempt to assert parliamentary sovereignty ahead of the upcoming EU referendum. Jeff King argues that, for a variety of reasons, this is not a sensible proposal. Of all the rushed ideas for major […]

UK Extended Ministerial Offices: on the road to cabinetisation

Tuesday, 09 February 2016

In 2015 the Conservative government has approved the creation of five Extended Ministerial Offices (EMOs), enabling ministers to recruit more special advisers and temporary civil servants. This development, which has gone unreported by the media, was unearthed by Athanassios Gouglas. In this post he and Marleen Brans explain the background to these developments and put […]

The draft EU renegotiation deal: do national parliaments have a genuine red card?

Thursday, 04 February 2016

One element of David Cameron’s draft EU renegotiation deal, published on Tuesday, is a so-called ‘red card’ mechanism that would allow national parliaments to get together to block European legislation. Katarzyna Granat analyses the proposal by contrasting them with the mechanisms currently in force under the Lisbon Treaty. She argues that it is a compromise solution which […]

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