The Constitution Unit


If there is a snap election, what can we do to improve the campaign?

12 September 2019

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The rules governing election campaigns in the UK are no longer fit for purpose: parliamentary committees, independent reports, and even the government have all acknowledged that. Yet if, as looks likely, an early election is called in the coming weeks or months, those rules will not have been updated. A vital question therefore arises: What can others – journalists, regulators, researchers, campaigners ­– do in the meantime to improve the information available to voters and enhance the quality of political discussion?

Building on the Constitution Unit’s recent work on these themes, this seminar will draw together some of the leading voices across a range of sectors to examine what practical steps can be taken.


  • Dorothy Byrne (Channel 4)
  • Ed Humpherson (UK Statistics Authority)
  • Joe Mitchell (Democracy Club)
  • Will Moy (Full Fact)

Chair: Dr Alan Renwick.