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Find out more about the UCL Computer Science Alumni Community, including how you can keep in touch and get involved.

Welcome to our Alumni Community

We are very proud of our alumni and are keen to keep in touch and involve former students in our future development. In a recent survey 98% of alumni would recommend UCL Computer Science to a friend.

Just by studying with us, you’ve tapped into one of the most valuable and vibrant academic communities in the world, offering a wealth of expertise and opportunity. Keep in touch with us and find out what the Department can still do for you after you've graduated.  

The Alumni Online Community

All UCL alumni and students are invited to join UCL's official alumni network on Linkedin.

This replaces UCL Bentham Connect, which closes on 20 May 2022. Make sure you reach out to any connections you may have on UCL Bentham Connect, so you can continue your conversations after the platform closes.

There are also many other ways you can connect with UCL and your alumni network, details for which you can find on the UCL alumni website.

UCL Computer Science Alumni Newsletter

In September 2021, CS launched a new bi-annual newsletter, bringing you highlights from the department and details of upcoming events. We also feature a new alumni in our spotlight feature.

We want to hear from you and how you would like to engage with the department. In order to receive the newsletter, you need to be registered as part of the UCL Alumni community.

The next edition will be circulated in April. 

UCL Computer Science needs you! Volunteer your time

Our volunteers are at the forefront of our position as one of the world’s leading universities. Your time and expertise can be used to benefit UCL, our students and staff in number of valuable ways across a variety of roles:

Alumni Spotlight

Learn more about our alumnis' experience at UCL Computer Science, as well as the incredible things they've gone on to do since graduating.

Rand Hindi

Rand Hindi

"My favourite memory was actually the first time I discovered machine learning! I remember talking about it with the faculty at UCL, who pointed out that it could be a good solution to a problem I was working on."

Larissa Suzuki

Larissa Suzuki

"During my PhD, I did a lot of unconventional and spontaneous things; I founded the UCL society of women engineers, was a visiting student at MIT, and did multiple internships. It was exhausting. And guess what? they were the most satisfying and fascinating years of my life."

Spyros Spotlight

Spyros Yiassemides

"To this day, I vividly remember and cherish each and every lecture of the elective module "Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship" which I took as part of my Computer Science Master's."