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Welcome to our Alumni Community

We are very proud of our alumni and are keen to keep in touch and involve former students in our future development. In a recent survey 98% of alumni would recommend UCL Computer Science to a friend. Just by studying with us you’ve tapped into one of the most valuable and vibrant academic communities in the world, offering a wealth of expertise and opportunity. Keep in touch with us and find out what the Department can still do for you after you've graduated.

The Alumni Online Community

All UCL alumni and students are invited to register for the UCL Alumni Online Community. It provides an exclusive networking area where you can search the directory for potential mentors, search for jobs from your alumni community and build your personal network with experienced alumni professionals all over the world. You can also join one of our active alumni groups to connect with your international community and special interest groups in the UK.

UCL Computer Science needs you

Volunteer your time

Our volunteers are at the forefront of our position as one of the world’s leading universities. Your time and expertise can be used to benefit UCL, our students and staff in number of valuable ways across a variety of roles.

Make a donation

By donating to UCL Computer Science you will be joining thousands of fellow alumni and friends who are already having a collective impact on the future of UCL

Gifts from alumni and friends are transforming lives through world-class research, improving UCL’s resources and buildings and giving the next generation of students the opportunity to study at UCL no matter what their circumstances.

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If you would like further information please contact alumni@ucl.ac.uk

Alumni Events


  • Departmental dinners and other alumni specific events
  • Any lectures open to the public that alumni could book
  • A link to the other UCL events alumni you can attend (www.ucl.ac.uk/alumni)

Meet our Alumni

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