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5 April 2018

Chief Investigator: Professor David Werring (UCL)

OPTIMAS is a multicentre randomised controlled trial of early vs standard, guideline-based timing of anticoagulation  with a DOAC in patients with atrial fibrillation and acute ischaemic stroke.

Eligibility: Adult patients with nvAF and clinical diagnosis of acute ischaemic stroke, eligible for DOAC treatment. 

Intervention: Anticoagulation with any DOAC within 4 days of acute ischaemic stroke

Control: Anticoagulation with any DOAC at 7—14 days of acute ischaemic stroke

Key Outcomes: combined incidence of symptomatic ICH, ischaemic stroke and systemic embolism at 90 days; intracranial and major extracranial bleeding

Imaging: encouraged but no specific requirements for study entry

First recruit: July 2019
Recruitment to date: 897 (17 May 2021)

Target sites: >100 in UK (115 EoI to date) 
Sites activated to date:
78 (17 May 2021)

Interested? Email ctu.optimas@ucl.ac.uk or visit http://optimas.org.uk.

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