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EVERREST: Developing a therapy for Fetal Growth Restriction

1 November 2018

A 6 year prospective study to define the clinical and biological characteristics of pregnancies affected by severe early onset Fetal Growth Restriction.

The EVERREST- prospective study is an observational study collecting samples and information on women who have pregnancies effected by severe early on-set fetal growth restriction. Severe early on-set fetal growth restriction is a very rare condition that effects women in the early stages of their pregnancy, typically before 26 weeks, where the growth of the foetus slows down, or even stops, leading to delivery at an early gestational age or, in around 50% of cases severely affected, stillbirth and intrauterine death. 

This study is open in four centres across the European Union: Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The aim is to recruit up to 300 women and their babies affected by the condition to collect detailed information on the development of their pregnancy and any associated complications, and follow-up all live births up two years corrected age for these infants. This information will be used to build a database of clinical information on the condition, which will allow the condition to be defined, as well as a bio-bank of maternal blood, urine and placental samples for later analysis and further research.


Funder: European Commission

Sponsor: University College London

ClinicalTrials.gov ID: NCT02097667