UCL Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology


Career Profiles

A selection of staff at ICTM talk about how they started in clinical trials, the progression of their careers, their current roles and any challenges they've faced.

Claire Amos

Clinical Projects Management, STAMPEDE and RADICALS trials

“It was nice moving out of the lab. I felt the work was more clinically relevant: I could see how it related to patients, whereas in the lab you’re very focused on a very specific area… I can see how my trial team's work has influences in the NHS and on guidelines, which is really, really rewarding.”

Denise Ward

Data Manager, ARREST trial

"I'm already getting the experience and that's the important thing. I'm getting the experience needed in order to do these jobs. I don't feel there are any barriers to my advancement, no!"

Jade Meadows

Trial Manager, HIPvac trial

"I really enjoy clinical trials and I think because they're at the forefront of all these new ideas, it's really an exciting area to work in."

Kholoud Porter

Professor of Epidemiology, specialising in HIV research

"You learn all the time: I’m still learning.  I really enjoy research because I’m still learning and, as a result, I can contribute."

Marthe Le Prevost

Senior Research Nurse and PhD student, AALPHI trial

"I'm doing all sorts of things that I never knew that I'd be doing... and I'm starting to make much more sense of the science with those new skills. It's a really unique project to be working on. It was such a big tear coming away from clinical work, and it was only because it was such a brilliant project that I even considered it."

Ruth Langley

Senior Clinical Scientist, specialising in Cancer research

"Fitting a career around family life has not always been a straightforward trajectory. But luckily what could have seemed like barriers have in fact turned out to be opportunities."

Sarah Pett

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases

"A lot of the attributes you need to be a hands-on doctor, and be successful at that, are the same attributes that you need to do research well. It's collaboration, team spirit, energy, drive, tenacity, and being a little bit obsessive compulsive."