Climate Change


Exhibition: Inspiring Action on the Climate Emergency

This live UCL Culture exhibition is taking place at the North and South Cloisters, Wilkins Building, from 5th Oct 2021 to 15th Nov 2021. Find out more here and access the 26 questions and calls to action linked to the exhibition.

Representatives from across the globe are meeting this November at COP26 in Glasgow to decide how to take action on the climate emergency.  The actions the representatives take on global heating, protecting habitats and creating a fairer society will shape our future. However, all of our actions count!  

This exhibition gives a snapshot of how UCL research is creating catalysts for positive change globally, locally and here at UCL. It aims to inspire you to contribute to change with 26 calls to action.  From eco-efficient artificial intelligence to coffee logs that heat our home, learn about how UCL staff and students are making change every day. 

This event is part of UCL’s climate campaign ‘Generation One’. Together we are the new generation taking responsibility for climate action and turning science into actionable ideas. Join our new era of climate action at ucl.ac.uk/generation-one

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