UCL Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering


Optimising operations of multi-modal urban transport systems for environmental improvement

19 February 2020



  • This project was funded by the LIoyd’s Register Foundation (LRF).



The InITE consortium is working to promote a healthier urban environment by identifying ways in which the transport system can be designed, managed and used. This will involve implementation of newly developed high-resolution emissions models into an existing traffic micro-simulation model. This is being used to develop traffic management and control policies to reduce emissions and estimate the scale of their likely effects. Importance is attached to the representation of vehicle fleet composition, to investigate the influence of change in this area on air quality.

Why undertake this research? 

  • To investigate effects of vehicle estimates on air quality. 
  • To investigate effects of ULEZ and transportation management and control policies on air quality.



  • Statistical modelling of vehicle emission according to speed and acceleration using GAMLSS approach.
  • Traffic micro-simulation modelling to investigate effects of transportation management and control policies on speed and acceleration.
  • Spatio-temporal analysis of air quality in London using seasonal vector ARIMA models.