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Research & Industry

Collaborate on research, sponsor PhDs and find out more about our world-class facilities.


The strategic partnerships team is here to discuss your research and help put you in touch with the right academic(s) across the department.  

Collaborate on research 

We’re seeking industry partners to work with us on impactful research and development projects. We can support funded schemed such as UKRI, including Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Innovate UK funding competitions, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and many more. 

Sponsorship of PhDs

Unlock the potential of groundbreaking research by sponsoring a PhD student. By supporting a PhD candidate, you can determine the direction of research to solve specific industry problems, gain access to innovative insights and use this as the start of future collaborations between industry and academia.  


Commercialisation of UCL’s intellectual property (IP) is managed by UCL Business and enables your organisations to benefit from innovations from our research. 

Facilities and equipment 

We have world-class facilities and equipment available to share with external academics and industry partners.   

Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory (PEARL)

PEARL (Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory) is a unique facility to explore the ways in which people interact with their environment. It is a massive space – around 4,000m2 and 10m high – in which we can create life-sized environments – a railway station, high street, town square – under controlled conditions, so that we can examine how people interact with the environment and other people in these types of places.  

Learn more about PEARL.

Controlled Active Ventilation Environment (CAVE)

CAVE (Controlled Active Ventilation Environment) is a unique large scale air quality and ventilation lab for applied and fundamental science and engineering studies. At CAVE we create fully monitored and full-scale "living labs" for testing using the main laboratory space to simulate` realistic external urban environments, and then construct full-scale buildings within the space to simulate realistic indoor environments. 

Learn more about CAVE.

Structural & Environmental Testing at Here East (StrEnTHE)

UCL CEGE's laboratory for large-scale structural and environmental testing, StrEnTHE (Structural & Environmental Testing at Here East) is based at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London. In addition to the test facilities, there is an environmentally controlled curing room for fabrication of cementitious and masonry specimens and a similar chamber equipped with a concrete mixer for manufacturing beams, columns, etc.

Learn more about StrEnTHE.