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INAUGURAL LECTURE – Professor Vivienne Lo: Communities of Asian Medical Practice

25 February 2022

17 March 2022, 12–1:00 pm GMT. UCL Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre and online.

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Helena Vowles-Shorrock


17 March 2022, 12–1:00 pm GMT


Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre
Roberts Building
Torrington Place
United Kingdom

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About this event

This lecture not only summarises my research into the communities and networks that have created and disseminated medico-culinary knowledge to and from the ancient and medieval Chinese worlds; it also celebrates those interdisciplinary communities that have dedicated themselves to research more broadly into Asian medicine: the societies, journals, practitioners, teachers, students, artists and academics that I have been proud to work alongside. These are the people promoting diversity in research and on the curriculum, combatting racism in our academic system, promoting drug discovery, advocating for integrated public health, and building the cultural connectivity to do so. The subjects and people will begin in ancient China and take us along the so-called Silk Roads through Central Asia and into the modern world. 

For those who are unable to attend in person, this event will be live streamed via the UCL Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWyX30juYgA

About the speaker

Vivienne Lo

at UCL

My diverse family of farmers, migrant restaurateurs, and diplomats working on Sino-British collaborations have all indelibly shaped my academic career. I had many related jobs, coming late to academia – I graduated in Chinese Studies from Cambridge and SOAS at 35 and from SOAS with a PhD (1997). Researching and teaching the early and medieval history of Chinese food and medicine at UCL for over 20 years now, I translate and interpret manuscripts and artefacts. While considering the broad socio-political contexts for scientific innovation, I read my sources for culturally specific aspects of sensory perception: the everyday experiences of sickness and health, of food, sex and medicine. The interdisciplinary approach that I have developed also provides a hermeneutics for the question, why does Chinese medicine, broadly defined, remain the most popular traditional medicine worldwide? In recent years I have been a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Peking University for our collaborative work on Film, History and the Medical Humanities and a related Dual Degree programme.

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资深教授任职讲座 -  Professor Vivienne Lo 罗维前教授:亚洲医学实践团体
2022 年 3 月 17 日,中午 12:00 到 1:00 (伦敦时间)



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负责人: Helena Vowles-Shorrock (h.vowles-shorrock@ucl.ac.uk)
地点:安布罗斯 弗莱明爵士演讲厅, 罗伯茨大厦,托灵顿广场,伦敦
WC1E 7JE 英国



这个讲座不仅总结了我对中国古代和中世纪医学和烹调知识的创新与传播的团体以及关係网的研究;同时也是爲了庆祝那些跨学科的团体, 他们将自己付出在更广泛地的亚洲医学研究中:协会、期刊、从业者、教师、学生、艺术家和学者, 能与他们共事,我感到十分荣幸。这些人是提倡学术研究和教学内容多样性的人,是跟我们的学术界存在的种族歧视战斗的人,是促进药物发明的人,是结合了公共卫生和建立文化之间相联系的人。这个讲座的主题和人物是从古代的中国开始,將带着我们沿着丝绸之路穿越中亚,进入到现代的世界。

对于那些无法亲自到现场聆听讲座的人,此活动将通过 UCL Youtube 频道进行现场直播:


罗维前 (Vivienne Lo)

我来自一个农民的,移民餐馆老板的和致力于中英合作的外交官的,多元化的家庭。这对我的学术生涯产生了不可磨灭的影响。我之前作过许多与学术相关的工作,后来才进到学术界: 35 岁时毕业于剑桥大学中文系,在亚非学院(SOAS)获得博士学位(1997 年)。我在伦敦大学学院作研究和教授早期和中世纪的中国饮食和医药史已有 20 多年,翻译和解读了许多文献和古物。 当我思考造成科学创新的广泛社会政治背景的同时,我会针对在这一个文化中透过感官形成特定的认知的角度去閲读文献:日常生活中对疾病和健康、对食物、性和药物的体验。我所发展出跨学科的研究方法也为以下的问题提供了某种诠释,即是,为什么中医,广义上的中医, 仍然是世界上最受欢迎的传统医学?近几年来,由于在电影、历史和医学人文学科以及相关的双学位课程方面的合作,我也成爲了北京大学的荣誉客座教授。