CCHH: China Centre For Health And Humanity


IAS Covid-19 Workshops — Session 1: the China Debate

18 November 2020

First of three online events exploring interdisciplinary responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. Organised by the UCL China Centre for Health and Humanity (CCHH) and Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS). Host: Prof. Vivienne Lo. Date and time: Tues 8 December 2020, 09:30–12:30 GMT.

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This event is free and open to everyone who is interested in the topic. Please register via eventbrite to receive a joining link:  

It is generally accepted that Wuhan, China, was at the beginning of the transmission of Covid-19, but what does this mean for public health and for our understanding of the causes of the current pandemic and how to control it?

The China Debate, and parallel student-led research project, will explore these issues from three perspectives: 

  1. Global Health & the Pandemic in UK and China
  2. TCM: Dangerous pleasures from the wet market or gentle home remedies?
  3. ‘China’s Covid’ and renewed racist attacks against East Asians

The debate will run in 'Question Time' fashion with questions collected in advance by our postagraduate students in the Health Humanities. The students have also been preparing online presentations on all the themes of the debate, and collecting and creating material for our microsite: 
To make the most of the discussions, please consult the resources on our microsite.

Provisional Programme

9.35am   Introduction by Prof. Nicola Miller (UCL, IAS) and Prof. Vivienne Lo (UCL, CCHH)

9.40am   THEME 1: Global Health & the Pandemic in UK and China
Chair: Prof. Nicola Miller
Panellists: Prof. Therese Hesketh
(UCL, IGH), Dr Zhou Xun (Essex University), Prof. Sun Ji Ming (Zhejiang Province, Centre for Disease Control), Prof. Dame  Anne Johnson (UCL, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology)

10.45am   Launch of Zhou Xun’s latest book The People’s Health (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2020)

11am   THEME 2: Dangerous pleasures from the wet market or gentle home remedies?
Chair: Prof. Vivienne Lo 
Panellists: Dr Wang Xinyuan
(UCL Anthropology), Prof. Volker Scheid (University of Westminster), Yang Yi (PhD Candidate, UCL History), Prof. Michael Heinrich (UCL, Pharmacy) tbc.

11.45am   THEME 3: Chinese and East Asian communities’ experiences of Covid related racism in the UK
Panellists: Dr Lu Gram
(UCL, IGH), Hau-Yu Tam (SOAS), and the End the Virus of Racism campaign


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