We want your opinion of the use of patient data to improve ICU!

23 January 2024

In collaboration with UCL Hospital, we are looking for patients and family members with experience of intenstive care to help us create a community event.


Together with UCL Hospital (UCLH), we are planning an interactive day with patients to share our work and learn from their perspectives on how and why their data is used. 

We are now looking for patients and family members to help us plan the day to make sure it’s the best possible event for patients, family and the public!

CHIMERA researchers are using anonymised intensive care unit (ICU) data from patients at UCLH. The main part of the data comes from the bedside monitors, such as heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate alongside some broad information such as age and diagnosis category. The CHIMERA team is working with doctors to analyse this data to understand better how people recover in ICU and use this learning to improve treatment in intensive care. 

We want to learn about public, patient and family perspectives on:

  • Maximising potential from health data research vs maximizing patient privacy in sharing data with researchers
  • Use of artificial intelligence at the bedside to support clinical decision making
  • Practical barriers to using health data – are they ethical? 

We are looking a few patients and /or family members with experience of intensive care to help refine discussion topics and ways of engaging people on the day! Planning would involve a two hour in person meeting in the Euston area in February 2024. We would cover your travel costs and offer a £75 High Street Voucher for your time.

If you would like to help us plan a one-day event or learn more details about the event when they become available, then please contact the CHIMERA team project representative:

The local project representative: Alice Hardy, a.hardy@ucl.ac.uk

Download the poster