Our team

Making full use of the data requires a completely multidisciplinary approach, with data scientists and computer scientists working alongside mathematicians, clinicians and engineers

UCL team

Prof Rebecca Shipley

CHIMERA co-lead and UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering, UCL Mechanical Engineering


Prof Christina Pagel 

CHIMERA co-lead and Clinical Operational Research Unit (CORU)


Prof Simon Arridge

UCL Computer Science

Simon A

Prof Vanessa Diaz

UCL Mechanical Engineering

Vanessa Diaz

Dr Alejandro Diaz

UCL Mathematics

Alex Diaz

Prof Nicholas Ovenden

UCL Mathematics


University College London Hospital team

Dr Steve Harris

Centre for Anaesthesia Critical Care and Pain Medicine, UCLH


Dr Ed Palmer

Registrar in Intensive Care, UCLH


Dr Claire Black

Critical Care Physiotherapy, UCLH



Great Ormond Street Hospital team

Prof Mark Peters

Institute of Child Health 

M Peters

Dr Samiran Ray

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Sam Ray


Post-doctoral research assistants, PhDs and MScs

Hugh Kinnear

UCL Mathematics


Abigail Smith

UCL Mathematics

My work is focused on the biomechanical modelling of the human lung for use in clinical care. For the creation of physiological models, I implement solid mechanics, poroelasticity and other similar techniques. My interest is in the application of mathematical models to assist real-world clinical decision making in the ICU. 

Abigail Smith

Sina Saffaran

UCL Mechanical Engineering


Gevik Grigorian

UCL Mechanical Engineering

My research interests lie on the boundary of dynamical systems and machine learning. In particular, I am working on inferring the missing dynamics from incomplete biomechanical models using deep learning.

I have a BSc in mathematics with finance and accounting and an MSc in mathematical modelling.

Gevik Gregorian

Cameron Peters 

UCL Mechanical Engineering (MSc)


James Stainer

CDT for AI-enabled Healthcare Systems

James is a PhD student working on applying AI methods to identify patterns of patient physiology in GOSH PICU. His focus is on understanding the relationship between heart rate and blood pressure and forecasting near-term changes in this dynamic. His interests lie in forecasting, time-series analysis, and recurrent neural networks (RNNs).

James Stainer

Finneas Catling

Wellcome Trust 4i Clinical PhD Fellow (Imperial College)

My research aims at early diagnosis and improved treatment of critical illness, using methods from Bayesian statistics and machine learning. I am particularly interested in merging these methods with physiological models to provide bedside decision support, in disease heterogeneity, and in the role of uncertainty in clinical decision-making.

Finneas Catling

Sandip George

UCL Computer Science

Sandip is a research fellow, working with Prof. Simon Arridge. He uses dynamical systems and machine learning for the classification, modelling, and prediction of time series in the ICU.

He holds a PhD in Physics from IISER Pune, India. Subsequently he was a postdoc at the UMCG, the Netherlands.

Sandip George

Manuel Teixeira Cabeleira

UCL Mechanical Engineering

Manuel is a PhD student working on mathematical models for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems aiming to generate virtual twins of ICU patients. His research interests are lumped parameter models, model optimisation and patient specific medicine

He graduated in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Manuel Teixeira Cabeleira

Thomas Frost

UCL Institute of Health Informatics

I'm a clinical doctor completing my PhD, supervised by Dr. Steve Harris and Dr. Ken Li. My previous work (as a Masters student) looked at ventilatory phenotypes of intubated patients with COVID-19-related ARDS. Currently, I’m researching reinforcement learning as a means of optimising IV infusions in critical care.

Thomas Frost

Ali Septiandri

UCL Statistical Science

Ali is a PhD student at UCL Statistical Science working in data imputation in critical care medicine. He obtained his MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh and his BSc in Informatics from Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Ali Septiandri

Victoria Volodina

UCL Clinical Operational Research Unit

Victoria is a research fellow in computational statistics on CHIMERA working on a Bayesian graphical model to inform clinicians about oxygen affinity state in critically ill patients. Her research interests span Bayesian statistics, machine learning and decision theory.  

Victoria Volodina


Professional support

Eric de Silva

Research & Development Manager, IHE


Alice Hardy

Communications and Impact Manager, IHE


Ferdouse Akhter

Marketing and Community Manager, IHE


Julie Taylor

Senior Research Administrator, Clinical Operational Research Unit